Food Clubs

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Lancaster & Morecambe Food Clubs

Save Money - Save Food

Food Clubs intercept safe and edible food that would otherwise just go to waste. It can be because of something as simple as a batch where the labels have been printed incorrectly, or because they are close to a 'recommended sell-by date'. Local food clubs tend to be mainly supplied in bulk by a larger recovery organisation. They can supply all kinds of groceries - tins, packets, frozen and fresh.  

Food Clubs are not a foodbank or a registered charity. You must be a registered member to participate. A food club may reassign your membership to a waiting applicant (depending on local take-up) if your attendance lapses for a series of consecutive weeks. 

Each club charges a small weekly membership fee for members to come, enjoy refreshments, socialise and collect their allocation. Members usually leave with about two bags of free 'shopping'. 

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